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Hello ! My name is Melissa, I am a 22-year-old french student who works as an entrepreneur between two classes of computer sciences and web marketing at ESCEN (École Supérieure de Commerce et d'Économie Numérique) in Bordeaux, France. Let me tell you a bit more about myself... Here are the three passions that defines me:

•  TRAVELING -- born from a french father and an indonesian mother, I grew up traveling all around the world for my greater pleasure. However,  when I was in highschool, I started having my own independence that's why I took the initiative to spend 1 month in California to really experience the american way of life: I took english lessons, visited the country with people from around the globe (german, spanish, norwegian ...) and I lived with the perfect american family where I learned all about their culture and how to be open-minded & pragmatic .

•  DRAWING -- my current studies began with this particular hobby. I've always loved to create, design and imagine new visual composition through my pens and papers. If you have a little time, don't hesitate to check out a few of my drawings here

•   PIANO -- since I was little, I knew that sports that did not include gymnastic figures, weren't made for me, that's why I started to focus more on musical activities than sports so I started playing piano. I found it very relaxing but also stimulation & challenging to learn this new language.

This year, I seek new challenges abroad in the context of an internship in London (or anywhere else, for that matter 😉 ). I believe that, with my enthusiastic mindset and technical skills, I could help you with your digital project... keep on reading if you are curious to find out what my skills actually are.



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I create a visual identity that fit and support your brand, engage your users and help grow your business.

Logo and visual identity created for ADN Startup and Bezen


Thanks to my studies in computer sciences, I can develop website with HTML/CSS and Javascript & Jquery, that can help your business run more efficiently online. WordPress and Prestashop also are two ways that I can manage to create your website



I can create for you print & web designs thanks to Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign


I can optimize your websites according to sharp methods that I learned in my former internship at Eponyme S.A.S.

Google Analytics is a tool that I use quite often and I have taken an interest in the one AT Internet has developed.



Adobe XD and inVision don't have any secrets for me anymore, neither does mobile marketing.

Here's the mobile app that I created in Singapore.


Thanks to my past experience as a children animator and a training coach in my last internship, I've worked on my timidity and I'm now able to teach my team on how to use a technological platform called Extraclub.

"For me, web design is what makes your site intuitive for the visitor"


Before I was admitted at ESCEN, I was a student at the University of Bordeaux where I studied computer sciences. During these two years, I learned how to created a photo editing software thanks to Python and only after, with the language C. However, I felt that I was missing something... I've always been a sociable person, that's why I could not imagine myself spending the rest of my life in front of a computer not talking to anybody except my team. That's why I choose a path that mixed technological skills and business & communication knowledge at the ESCEN school.